Thoughts of an Employedpreneur intro


Hi guys Justice here from btw media BTW Media!

What is that you might ask?

Hmm! so BTW Media is my company, I don’t want to say company because I’m more like a freelancer. I do web design, digital marketing which includes search engine marketing and search engine optimization.

This is what I have been doing for the past eight years, so I’m not a freelancer I’m an employedpreneur because I work a full-time job as well.

Meaning that I work and hustle on the side.

Why I am starting this podcast

Well, there are so many things that I’ve been learning, relating to the field that I’m in and about the power of the mind, entrepreneurs, and so forth.

I’ve learned these from books, listening to people that have made it in life from different parts of the world.

Especially from the U.S, like on youtube, you’d be surprised how much information you find when you’re looking.

Sometimes it lands on your lap, hence this podcast.

Sharing information

There’s so much information out there that it’s difficult to find the information that you want unless you’re following people that have access to that information.

So, I’m hoping to bring such information to you guys, the people that are going to follow me (i hope) and help you out as well just like i’ve been helped out.

Just to give you a glimpse of what you’re gonna find out in this podcast series

Time management: Managing your time is quite important. You might think that you spend a certain amount of time doing something in a day, like work but then you find out that you actually spend less time than you think.

Rather, you spend more time on idle things like social media, which offer you instant gratification but in the long run you find out that you haven’t really progressed in when it comes to important things.

How search engines work: Another topic would be about SEO, how search engines work. There are a lot of experts that talk about search engines and each has their own perspective, I bring you my perspective and understanding of SEO as well.

What I do besides working

My other passion, besides digital marketing, is making music. I’ve been a producer since I was in varsity, which would be since 2008.

I have been doing that for a while without releasing my music to the public so I decided to start releasing my music this year, to the world for all of you to listen to.

So that is what I do, an ordinary dude who has his own things going on.


I hope that I can offer you guys something valuable to go home and tell your kids about if you have kids. But almost everyone in South Africa has a kid, lol just saying.

Check you on the next podcast where we will be discussing something random.

We’ll see when it comes, maybe I will talk about this time thing.

Yeah! I think that I should talk about time management on the next podcast.

So I hope you guys enjoy and check out my website if you want to go listen to these podcasts.


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