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At BTW Media, we’re at the forefront of digital marketing, leveraging our deep expertise in Search Engine Marketing, SEO and social media to craft bespoke campaigns that drive genuine inquiries directly to your service. Our specialised, lead-generation-optimised platforms are designed to connect you with online customers, even if you’re not online yet.

Exclusive Leads, Tailored Solutions

We understand the importance of exclusivity in lead generation. As our esteemed client, the leads we generate for you are yours alone, ensuring you don’t compete for the same prospects with others.

Our experience has allowed us to develop affordable, industry-specific packages for services like home improvement, tree felling, aluminium services, gas services, solar systems, pest control, and business insurance. If your service niche isn’t listed, don’t worry! We’re equipped to develop a customised lead generation strategy to meet your unique needs, with pricing to match.

How to Register


Choose Your Package

Begin by exploring our service packages. You can find them at the bottom of this page or on our pricing page. Once you’ve found the right fit, click “Get Started” on your chosen package.


Create An Account

You’ll be redirected to a Create Account page. Here, please fill in your details using the form provided.


Submit Your Docs

For us to better understand your business, we require the following documents; ID copy, CICP Registration copy, an Insurance certificate (for business insurance and tree felling service), two references or a professional certificate. See below for detailed information.


Await Approval

Once your registration and documents are submitted, our team will review your application. You will then receive an email with further instructions on what to expect next.

Registration Requirements

Below is a detailed list of the necessary documents you need to provide during the registration process:

CIPC Registration Certificate: If you are not operating within the insurance industry, you must submit a copy of your CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission) registration certificate: COR14.3. This certificate is crucial as it verifies the legal existence of your business and its compliance with South African corporate regulations.

Identification Document: A clear and valid copy of your Identification Document (ID) or Passport is required. This is essential for verifying your identity and ensuring the security and trustworthiness of our platform.

Professional Certification: To establish your expertise and professional standing in your respective industry, please provide a copy of your professional certification. This document serves as proof of your qualifications and adherence to industry standards.


References: To show a record of your previous work experience, please provide at least 2 recent references. These can be the latest invoices your sent to your recent clients or reference letters from recent clients.

If you are offering tree felling services we require an insurance certificate showing that your business is covered for any property or third party damages that might occur on site.

Services We Generate Leads for

> Renovations and buildings
> Flooring Services
> Roofing Services
> Paving Services
> Painting Services
> Plumbing Services
> Pool & Pond Services

> Tree & Garden Services
> Aluminium Services
> Gas services
> Cleaning services
> Solar system Services
> Pest Control Services
> Business Insurance

What Our Clients Say

Their lead generation is very unique, quality leads and most importantly, no competition like other lead generation companies- with BTW Media leads only comes to us! Thanks guys for growing my business.
JHB Painting Pro
In just few days into BTW media I am very impressed and happy with the quality of the leads I have received so far. You definitely know your story guys keep them coming.
Great service, BTW Media help to grow my businesses by generating leads, reasonable as we pay per lead. The guys are doing absolutely amazing
Stacy Steelworks and Renovations
Much love for this company its helping a lot on boosting my business with a lot of leads Onelove tree fellers
Wendy Nyuka

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  • 11 exclusive leads
  • 1 - 4 Leads a week
  • Price per lead R182
  • 1 Service


  • 35 exclusive leads
  • 5 - 9 Leads a week
  • Price per lead R168
  • 6 Services


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