SEO For Lead Generation

Having a visible spot on google increases your businesses credibility, brand recognition and gets you highly motivated traffic that turn into leads.

    Do you have a marketing budget?

    Lead Generation Through SEO

    The very first thing that people do when they are interested in something is take out their phones, or go on their PCs to search the internet. Particularly they go to search engines like Google.

    Google and other search engines are like a digital market space where people can find anything the world has to offer, from entertainment, information to products and services.

    Therefore, as a business this is the place to be. Unfortunately it’s not enough just to create a website and have it on Google.

    Google wants its users to have a good experience from the websites that it recommends and to make sure that this happens Google has rules and guidelines that websites have to follow.

    As a result, a lot of work has to be done to get your website to follow these guidelines, ultimately getting your business the perfect market stall on Google where the customers that are interested in your products and services will be able to see you and turn into qualified leads

    SEO Specialist

    SEO Services

    We offer a variety of SEO services to make sure that you get relevant traffic that will turn into qualified leads.

    On-page SEO

    Your website has to be relevant to users and indicate to search engines what it is about. This involves having web pages that explain how they help a user through readable content with images videos and keywords.

    Technical SEO

    Your website has to provide an awesome user experience for whoever comes onto it. This means it should be fast, easy to navigate, responsive to different devices as well as have other attributes.

    Off Page & Local SEO

    Its important to stand out locally especially if your business has a physical location and also relies on foot traffic. People use services like Google maps to find interesting places around them.

    The Process

    Discovery – First and foremost we begin with discovery, where we talk about your business as a whole, it’s goals, competition, customers and so forth.

    Audit – I run an audit on your website to check its technical and content health.

    Strategy – Based on the insights uncovered in the discovery and audit process we work on an SEO plan of action.

    Implementation – A discussion over how to implement the recommended strategy.

    Reports – Monthly discussion of the progress as well as a comprehensive SEO report that includes, competitor analysis, website health, keyword analysis and content analysis.   

    It could take a couple of weeks to months depending on the seo work done by your competition in comparison to yours as well as your website’s history.

    Years back, reaching page one on organic results in a matter of days or weeks was as easy as putting a keyword multiple times on your web page and buying back links. Google has become much smarter since then and penalises websites that do this along with other tactics that try to game it.

    These tactics are known as Black hat SEO.

    Being penalised could mean losing your rankings and never gaining them again or even worse being banned from the search engine. Therefore, be careful of most offers that promise quick page one rankings.

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