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Having a website is only the beginning of your digital journey and we understand that.  This is why our web design services are tailored to help you understand the digital world in order to grow and thrive in it. We do this by offering you a website starter package to help you start your digital journey. We don’t only offer website design services in Centurion but throughout Pretoria and the rest of South Africa

Website Starter Package

Responsive WordPress Website

Tutorial to Upload Blogs

WordPress Update Tutorial

Beginner’s SEO Guide

We offer different website design packages that cater to your budget and needs

An online presence can mean the difference between getting new customers, keeping them or losing them to competitors. As web designers we help you showcase your products and services to the unlimited digital audience by building an online version of your business. Because, let’s face it, the world has gone digital and almost everyone walks around with a smart phone in their pocket or bag.

Therefore, the first thing that most people do when looking for something is to search for it online using their phones. Now imagine someone tries to search for the products or services that you offer online and you do not have a website to showcase this but your competition has one. That means you have just lost a potential customer.

Web design services


We do not provide hosting by can help you in finding a hosting provider. Your business has a physical location where you pay a monthly rent to run it. A website is the same, in that it needs a location on the internet in order to be seen. This location is called a server and servers are stored and managed by companies that have dedicated equipment and technologies to do this. These companies allow website owners to host their websites on their servers for a monthly fee.

WordPress Website Development

Once the domain name has been registered, we can start developing your website. A website is used as a digital version of your business. We develop your website with WordPress, which is a popular content management system used by many businesses.

Domain Name Registration

After your website is hosted we move on to registering your domain name which is the “www.businessname.co.za” part of your website. A domain is the location of where your website is, this is how people and search engines find your website. We register the domain name (www.domainname.co.za) of your choice provided it has not been taken by another website. Which is why you will be required to provide us with at least 3 names of your choice so as to see which one is available.

Content Structure and development

The fourth web development service we offer is to help you in writing and structuring your website content in a way that is appealing to both users and search engines.

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