Lead Generation Terms of Use

By accepting this lead generation Terms of Use you agree to the following agreement between You (Client) and BTW Media (Agency)

The Agency agrees to:

• Develop leads through its online lead generation and database programs.
• Provide leads via email: names, emails, and contact numbers of potential customers

Concerning the Lead

• The Agency will provide the client with exclusive leads.
• The Agency makes no guarantees either expressed or implied that a lead will turn into a sale for the Client.
• The Agency makes no guarantees either expressed or implied to the number of leads that can be provided to the Client or in what time frame.
• The Agency cannot determine or ensure that the individual providing information in the lead has not made inquiries with other lead provider companies.

Lead Cost and Notification

The Client agrees to pay the Agency for leads provided to the Client from the Agency as per the package that the Client chooses.

The Agency may change the cost of the lead generation package by providing the Client notification via the email address provided to the Agency by the Client. The Client has the right to decline the new cost by withdrawing from the lead program within 48 hours of the notification.

If the Client does not withdraw from the lead program within the time allotted, the Client agrees to accept and pay for the leads provided at the new cost. The new cost will not apply until the prepaid leads with the prior cost have been provided to the Client.

Result Expectations

The Agency makes no expressed or implied representations as to the sales and income results of the Agency’s lead program.


During the Term of the agreement from that point, neither one of the parties will uncover Confidential Information of the other party. Or even utilize such Confidential Information for any reason other than in encouragement of this Agreement.

Protection of Information

The Client agrees to be responsible for safe and proper handling and storage of all personal information contained in the lead and abide by all local, state, and federal laws pertaining to privacy and handling of personal information including the POPIA act.

The Client agrees that the Client is solely responsible for any and all insurance, financial or other advice provided to the individual whose name was provided by the Agency in the lead.

The Client agrees to hold harmless and indemnify all parties, officers, agents, employees, directors, and owners of the Agency against any and all claims, demands, actions, judgments, liabilities, losses, damages, expenses, and costs including attorney’s fees that may arise from any action of the Client at any time, including but not limited to those stated above.

Terms and Conditions

The Agency may stop the supply of leads if payment for the previous month’s leads has not been fulfilled.
The reasons deemed to be the cause of termination can be:
• More than 20% of leads are faulty
• No payment was made for the previous Leads
• All parties are in disagreement and mutually decide to terminate the lead generation agreement
• Confidentiality or security breach
• Solicitation

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