What Does Google Want in 2021 (Part 2) [Podcast]


Hi guys, Justice here, bringing you thoughts of an employedpreneur.

Today we are going to be talking about part 2 of what Google wants in 2021.

In part one we were talking about what Google wants for its users, now we’ll be talking about what Google wants from a website.

What does Google want from a website?

So, what Google wants is a website that answers its users’ queries, a website that gives the most relevant answers while offering a good user experience.

How does Google make sure that a website gives its users the best answers?

It looks at a couple of things:

Does the website answer a user? Firstly it will look at whether your website is talking about what the user is looking for.

So if the user is looking for chocolate muffin recipes, is there a webpage on the website that talks about chocolate muffin recipes.

Does the website function well? Is your website technically sound? Does it load quickly when it is clicked on?  Do the website links work or do they lead to server error pages or 404 pages? Is the users’ information protected on the website? etc.

Is the website credible? Are trusted, credible websites linking to your website? This would show Google that your website is also to be trusted because other trusted websites are vouching for it by linking to it.

On the next episode

These are just a few things that google will want from your website. In upcoming episodes, we shall delve deeper into what Google wants from websites.

This lies in the spectrum of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Leave a comment with your thoughts and enjoy your day.

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